Studio Update: Return of the Good Wallet

Exciting news from the studio! Trish got us a bunch of totally colourful leather and I made stuff with it! Now not only do we have amazing Jack and Pat wallets, but we brought back the Good Wallet of a little while ago in full varied and coordinated colour! 

I only made six so if you want one you'd better make your move fast... these are seriously good wallets. Many compartments suitable for neat card organization, a place for a pencil (or pen, or... stick of licorice...?) They are wide enough so you don't have to fold your bills to fit them in (the queen and her friends thank you) and for those people who like to keep their change in check, a nice big zippered pocket guaranteed to eliminate embarrassing "hold on... grr... if only this change compartment was bigger I could find that damn nickle..." Last but not least, these things love receipts. You might go years without having to deal with those. Really. Who could ask for anything more? Oh wait. Yes, you can ask for more. You could ask for a handle, because there is one of those as well. 

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