Studio Update: Re-using

Using an old pattern to trace my new brown paper pattern pieces to

Reduce, reuse, recycle. Those three "Rs" have been ground into me since elementary school. They have become such a given for me I was astounded when my mother told me that when she was little there was no such thing. Newspaper, cans, glass, food scraps, the whole deal went straight into the trash. There are still many places where there are not enough resources to provide recycling facilities for communities, but at least we can do what we can here, one of those things is re-using! Here in the studio we try to be as conscientious as possible, and are fortunate enough to have separate paper, fabric and food scrap methods of waste management.

The rack was getting very full!

All of our patterns are made of brown paper for sampling, and then final patterns are cut from sturdy pattern card. The other day when I went to find more card, I found the roll had run out! In the sixteen years that Smoking Lily has been producing cardboard patterns, we have been archiving them on a rack in the print room. As you can imagine, it's a huge collection! We haven't re-sewn many of the patterns and decided that, hey, why don't we cut the new patterns from some of the old ones we no longer use? Our pattern archiving rack won't sag quite so much and I will be able to finish the new patterns! Here's a few photos of us completing the task of taking down, re-drafting and removing the names from the master list.

Trish is the tallest, she can reach without the ladder!

An old pattern gets crossed off the list

- Nicole

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