Studio Update: New Things for Fall

There is absolutely no way we can pretend there are any shreds of summer left in the air. Really, that's OK. Summer is like a friend who parties all the time. They are a ton of fun to hang with, but after a while, all the awesomeness starts to feel obligatory and a little forced. I pretty sure that everyone was secretly happy to say goodbye to summer, pull that cozy sweater off the shelf and go shopping for a new scarf. Here in Smoking Lily Studio Wonderland, the fabulous studio folk continue to pump out great new things to catch your eye and warm your cockles. First though, I'd like to share one of my great loves of autumn: harvesting apples at Sleeping Dog Farm so I can make delicious apple cider (or apple juice for grown-ups, as I call it). [caption id="attachment_10981" align="aligncenter" caption="A little bit of beauty while risking life and limb for sweet sweet apples"][/caption] Now, down to business. We have a new dress that combines elements of the Pool Hall and the Garden State dresses. Behold, the Winter Garden! Long sleeves make this a more practical dress for fall, while a low neck adds a bit of sass and the knee-length hemline shows off your boots and thigh-highs. A perfect seasonal transition dress that will catch everyone's eye. [caption id="attachment_10985" align="aligncenter" caption="Oh yes young man, this will be on the exam."][/caption] Next, a little something to keep your wrists feeling warm while looking cute on the cool commute to work. These sweet and simple little numbers come in sky, navy, slate, and moss. They are made from boiled wool and are sleekly fitted, with a touch of deco-styling in the pin tucks along the top. [caption id="attachment_10984" align="aligncenter" caption="There's no "I" in Smoking Lily. Oh wait..."][/caption] If your wrists are warm, your feet should be too. Thus heralds the return of Smoking Lily's signature slippers. Besides the amazing fact that these are made by hand right here in the studio (yours truly cut the grey felt with exceptional precision), you can feel happy knowing your toes will be wrapped in ridiculously warm black polar fleece and wool. The floral detail on the toes is just the icing on the cake for these puppies. Available in small, medium, or large, they are a great gift for yourself, or someone whose toes you care for. [caption id="attachment_10994" align="aligncenter" caption="Proto-slippers in their 2D form."][/caption] Also gracing our shelves this season is the Ship Disturber. This shirt has the kind of simple elegance that wears like an old friend who you haven't seen for a while and now is somehow sexier than you remember them being. We've reworked the fisherman's sweater inspired neck-line, and made these available in blue mix. This piece is a top favorite among Smoking Lily employees and to quote Trish "It's one of those tops I see on women on the street and think how great it looks. Then I realise it's one of ours!". Indeed, Trish. Indeed. [caption id="attachment_10992" align="aligncenter" caption="Don't be such a Ship Disturber"][/caption] Lastly, a bit of post-Hallowe'en fun. Suzanne, one of our sewers, made us some spooky cupcakes to commemorate the day. Check out the little glazed candy gravestone! This one had raspberry jam oozing around the top and ghostly M&Ms rising out of the soil to eat the brains of the living. Or at least, that's what I assume was going on. It could also have been a mummy with a piece of glass stuck in its skull. Either way, spooky stuff. [caption id="attachment_10986" align="aligncenter" caption="The scariest thing about this cupcake? The undying calories! Mooohahahahaha!"][/caption]   later, morgan

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