Studio Update: Banniverithary Day

Okay, today's post is shamelessly very much all about me. I have been working for the wonderful and great Smoking Lily for 1 year as of July 19th. When I first got in the studio I was generally quiet and could barely put in a zipper. Now, thanks to all the great ladies I work with, I am a master of the sewing machine.

I whipped up some awesome vanilla rainbow cupcakes with pretty purple icing as a thank you for putting up with me for the last year... I am known to quote movies, dance a lot, and ramble on about various things until I create obnoxious amounts of laughter.

Funny? yes.

Annoying to others?

... YES!

So, July 19th was my 1st Annual Smoking Lily Banniverithary Day.

Cut Loose... It's Friday.

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