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Hello there!
My name is Kaesha. I am currently a grade twelve student at St. Margaret's School. For the past two months I have been participating in a work experience at the Smoking Lily studio. I initially got involved because of my interest in fashion design and sewing, so the opportunity to be able to work in a design studio was a dream come true. My goal overall was to make and design a product and learn about the processes involved all the way from concept to completion.On my very first day I was amazed at the studio, and how it seemed the perfect creative environment.
Though I had some experience sewing, nothing could have prepared me for the speed and intricacies of industrial machines. Luckily I had a lot of help whenever I sewed a bit too far, or accidentally un-threaded the machine. I was introduced to many new tools, my favourite being electronic cutters, which I now feel is an essential that I should probably own. I also had the opportunity to try screen printing on fabric, and though I never considered myself good at screen printing I managed to do a pretty good job of it. With a lot of assistance along the way, I was walked through the steps of designing a product, making mock-ups, altering the mock-ups, creating a final pattern, making the final products, and costing.
It has truly been an amazing experience for me and I'm so glad I was able to participate. Being able to see how a real design company operates has been so exciting for me and every time I worked I learned something new. I really hope there are more opportunities like this in the future. I'm so grateful to everyone in the studio for guiding me along the way and being so friendly.
Thank you all!!

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