Student in the Workplace: The Ordering Room

Hello once again. Today I wanted to share my experience of job shadowing the lovely Liz. If you didnt know, Liz is in charge of all of the sales orders at the Smoking Lily studio. This includes both individual online orders, as well as the bigger orders that get sent to businesses that carry Smoking Lily products. It turns out, there is a lot that goes into putting together an order. I learnedhow to find the items for an online order, add up the sale, put the charge through, and file the papers away. We then prepared the orders for their journey to their new owners. I learned how to weigh, measure, and tape the packages. I even successfully did the task without getting tape stuck to me, which was amazing because that stuff was sticky! Liz and I took a nice little stroll across the street to where the mailboxes are so conveniently placed. Liz also taught me how to do a wholesale order. We did one for Adorit, a boutique located in Ottawa, Ontario. SmokingLily Blog 2 I was given the task of checking the items off the list, while Liz checked over all of the sizes. I found out how important it is to double and triple check these orders. Something that I think is interestingabout this type of business is that when you run out of an item, and no other store has it, you literally have to wait for more to be made in house! Ifound it so fun to find the items and put together an order. Honestly I love the whole searching aspect of it all; it feels like we are creating presents for people. After my afternoon following Liz around like an eager puppy, I was taken to see the Milkmans Daughter, where I will be shadowing Rachel for a day. Theres your sneak peek for my next endeavor! Lindsay

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