Student in the Workplace: Learning to Cut Straight

This past Friday, I started the afternoon working with Terri-Lynn again, which was great because shes awesome. She showed me how to use The Cutter! I was scared of this cutting device because it seemed to move so fast! Also, I think I am very inept when it comes to cutting, drawing or basically anything that has to do with a straight line. Thankfully my task was simple, all I had to do was follow apre-drawn line to cut fabric for the loop scarves, andTerri-Lynnwasvery encouraging and kept telling me I was doing a great job. The next part of the afternoon was a REALLY big deal to me. I got to work with Trish! It was so cool to work with her, but truthfully I was a little nervous that I was going screw something up. Trish taught me how cut out all of the pieces that make up the Point Grey dress. After we traced the pattern, Trish told me to cut out the outlines of the dress. Thankfully, she had faith in my abilities, because I sure didnt. I cant remember the last time I focused so hard on something! I dont think I breathed at all while I was cutting I was trying so hard. Point-Grey-Black-Periodic-Table-4 Bobbi Sue in the Point Grey Dress with Periodic Table Overall I had an amazing afternoon, and that is it for now. I am going home for Christmas break, but I will be back in the New Year to learn more! Happy Holidays! Lindsay

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