Spring Has Sprung

Over the weekend, in my yard, a single daffodil pushed its way into the sun, heralding the changing of season in this little oasis of southwest BC. [caption id="attachment_12158" align="aligncenter" caption="My small but mighty friend."][/caption] I've also noticed the flowering plums are out in the downtown core. Coincidentally, the window display in our Johnson Street store is a pair of beautiful hanging branches with paper cherry blossoms on it. Personally, I think that this display gave the real trees permission to burst their buds. [caption id="attachment_12159" align="aligncenter" caption="Yes, my phone has a hard time focusing on flowers."][/caption] As Spring begins, where ever you may be, I hope that you can find time to get out there and admire the snowdrops, look for the buds on the trees, see the bulbs pushing up through the earth, and listen to the birds singing. later, morgan

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