Spotlight: Vote here! Pants or Nightie?

Hey everyone,

I know, I know, I'm sorry... but we're going to bring it up. We're going to say the word.

We're wondering what you want for .... Christmas... There, said it!

Man that was scary.

Here in the studio we come up with something seasonally appropriate every winter for you to put on your wish list. Then you can be all seasonally excited. In the past these have been items such as slippers, or more recently, pyjama bottoms. (The photo above is of a selection of our previous pj pants.)

So this year we were thinking... do you still want pyjama bottoms? Or do you want something new? Something exciting and different?! Pyjama bottoms are awesome... but would you want a nightie? We were thinking that we could make a pretty awesome nightie. Not what your grandma would wear. Something cooler, something with an all over print. Plunging neckline anyone... ?

We are open to suggestions, but mostly are wondering. Pants or nightie? Please respond below, with intelligent, inspirational or simple comments! Thank you for your input!

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