Spotlight: Smittens

Well, December crept up very, very quickly this year. I've been a busy little elf, and after sewing all day at the studio I have been going home everyday (well... almost everyday... okay SOME days, let's be honest) and cutting and sewing loads of Smittens for my own label, Skeptic.

There are awesome new colors this year: fuschia, brown, moss green, black, peacock blue and denim. I've also tried out a new applique, a sweet little bird who gets along real well with the other embellishments, especially the squirrel; I imagine they are great friends. There are many different combinations available, so ask about current stock. They are made of a cozy boiled wool and are fitted, but still stretch nicely.

Now, these Smittens are limited--I will be making a few more short runs, but time (and fabric) is running out, so get 'em while you can.

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