Spotlight: Moon Raven Jewelry

The second jewelry line we received recently is from Moon Raven. Here is their company introduction: Vancouver Island, British Columbia, is a truly magical place. It is home to a vast array of wildlife that literally lives in people's back yards, there really are no words to describe the natural beauty and power. Moon Raven Designs and the artist behind the studio Michael R. Doyle handcrafts stunning jewelry based on the wildlife he experiences on a daily basis. Much of the Moon Raven collection is corvidae-inspired, and centers on raven and crow skulls and talons. However, Moon Raven also ventures into sea life, human anatomy, antlers and wildcats, among others. Below are photos of some of the necklaces we are carrying at The Milkman's Daughter in Victoria and the Main Street shop in Vancouver.

Bronze Wishbone, $33

White Bronze Wolf Pup, $30

Bronze Bear, $30

Bronze Horse Skeleton, $67

Bronze Heart, $69


Baby Butterfly Knife, $40

Sturdy, quirky and very well priced pieces. My favourite is the anatomical heart, with the crazy pen knife a close second (it would make a great key fob). glenda.

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