Spotlight: Ka Pow Dress

Oh the Ka Pow! How you have been loved in each of your fabric incarnations! Currently in Vancouver we have green cotton poplin with Bees and Peonies (small and medium only as I type), blue hemp chambray (small, large and xlarge ), white cotton spirograph (large and xlarge only), Art Deco plum cotton (large only) and camouflage cotton. How cute is Erin the new green Ka Pow?! There will be more of this green cotton arriving soon. The next run will have dark Chrysthemums, then the following run will be back to the light blue Bees and Peonies. The "Spirograph" pattern is quintessential summer (only large and xlarge left - at all - ever). Erin says the blue hemp chambray is a "get out of ironing free card" as it wears like linen. We are running low on this fabric. The very last plum Art Deco is here in Vancouver in large only. Call us (604.873.5459) to be the last lucky person to nab one. And the camouflage...oh camo! you are my personal favourite. Ka Pow! glenda.

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