Spotlight: Cape of Good Hope

In case you've been sequestered somewhere for the last few years, let me fill you in on Smoking Lily capes. These capes are a modern miracle in the form of a rectangle. Yup, a seemingly simple rectangle will transform your current perceptions of capes. They are not just for costumes anymore. These fabulous throws can be worn in a few different ways (point to the side, point to the back, rolled collar, with a lapel, as a skirt!...). They are also the perfect travel blanket - narrow enough to refrain from bugging your seat mates yet warm enough to keep you cozy on that uber chilly flight.

Here are some shots of our capes from years gone by.

The Cape of Good Hope is currently available in black or grey wool with a black cotton satin interior, $98.

Another interesting tidbit, you can special order this item with the print of your choice!!


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