Smoking Lily Valentine

Without getting too sappy, my husband is probably the best husband of all time. Last week I announced my opinion that we should just skip Valentine's Day altogether this year, to which he responded, "No! That's a trap!" (Clever man...) I assured him it wasn't and that we were better off saving the money for something else; Scott and Erin don't need no stinkin' Hallmark sentiments! But then I saw a cute card (Banquet Atelier at Eugene Choo. Look for them at the Milkman's Daughter in Victoria, though!) and I just couldn't resist. A card's not cheating, right??Evidently Scott did not agree, because I got a big "What?! NOOOOOO! You jerk!!" when I sprung it on him this morning. I will admit I was feeling a little guilty until one of the lovely ladies from the Flower Factory dropped by with this bouquet and, um, touchingly emotional card. You win this time, Scott Vrooman. You win this time... Happy Valentine's, everybody! Erin

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