Smoking Lily Surprise

Colleen, a long-time lovely customer and now stellar Vancouver staff, was traveling in England with her family this summer. They toured about London and the countryside. While in Helton, Cumbria, a tiny hamlet of 360 people in the Lake District, they stayed at a nice bed and breakfast. In the morning, before heading out for a stroll through the hills, Colleen walked out to the yard and came across this! Smoking Lily Tea Towel in Helton, UK A Smoking Lily tea towel! The proprietor's brother lives in Deep Cove, BC! While visiting his brother he picked up the red Tulip tea towel at Room6; a great shop, one of three owned by Megan in Deep Cove, all worth checking out (fyi: they no longer carry our tea towels). The tea towel was whisked back to England as a gift for his wife. Word is that it is well loved and getting lots of use. Colleen was happily surprised by the encounter, as are we! We really enjoy making and selling our products. It's an added bonus to know that they are part of everyday life in homes around the world. Lily out in wilds of England. How lovely! glenda.

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