Smoking Lily Relic

Look at what Trish uncovered yesterday, during some spring cleaning at the studio! It's a Trivial Pursuit card. The cool thing about it, for us, is that question NWS refers to the underlovelies that we silk-screened with Pierre Trudeau's face. We created the undergarments, not long after his death, as a tribute to him and his comment that "There is no place for the state in the bedrooms of the nation." The undies became an instant hit, sales were swift, a pair is now in the Royal Ontario Museum, and they caught the eye of Trivial Pursuit. It took us quite by surprise. I have many fond memories of working in the tiny Johnson Street shop back then, chatting with customers about their memories of Trudeau. It was wonderful to hear so many positive stories about a politician. And hilarious to think of how many mothers and grandmothers received the underlovelies as gifts. Here's hoping you uncover some fun relics during your spring cleaning too! glenda.

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