Smoking Lily Quilt Kit: A Preview

The damn quilt kits are coming very very soon. I guess I shouldn't start out a blog post like that, I'm getting a little defensive about how long the process is taking, I think. Thanks for being patient with us and we apologize for how long it is taking. We had a few unexpected bumps in the road, but we learned a ton and are really happy with the way they have turned out. There is just one more step in the process before we can send them out. Middle of the week? Back to the kits. A few months ago I sent out our first prototype using pretty studio scraps to our friend Ellen. We needed someone who didn't quilt, to see if our instructions made sense. An added bonus, Ellen also wrote a blog post about her experience. Yah Ellen! Here is her post: Hello: Ivenever really been drawn to quilting, but when I learned of a Smoking Lily kit, I was intrigued. This would clearly be no ordinary quilt. I used to sew quite a bit, especially costumes for my kids when they were small. Its been a while, but this seemed like a great project to tackle with my somewhat rusty skills. Its rated for sewers from basic to fearless, clearly I fit in there somewhere. Heres my quilting kit, along with the batting back kit. Im excited to dive in! Assemble all the necessary equipment, cue up some tunes on Songza, and lets get started.The packet of squares in its bunny-festooned package is almost too pretty to open. But I did, and heres what was inside: Smoking Lily Quilt Kit My table was not big enough so I used the floor as my workspace. If you do the same, youll want to be sure that the space will be free of inquisitive pets and small children for a couple of hours. We all know a cat that just lives to muss up a tidy arrangement! The kit contains seven small bundles of squares in lovely, coordinating prints. There is also one larger bundle of squares that works with the other prints, and this one will be the dominant element in the quilt front. Following the instructions, I laid out the grid in the dominant colour first. I then incorporated the remaining bundles of squares as per the instructions, resulting in a lovely pattern! After I took these pictures, I noticed that I had twelve rows as I had used all the extra squares provided. You only need eleven rows, so these bonus squares allow for tweaking, obtaining just the right effect. Smoking Lily Quilt Kit Ironing, a critical part of every successful sewing project. Its coming along nicely! Sewing the rows together to form the front. Look at me, Im a quilter! Smoking Lily Quilt Kit Time to bring the front and back together and trim the edges to match.Smoothing out all the creases, I laid out the backing and topped with the quilt front.Finally, I added the backing and it was time to pin it all together. Quilt-Kit-91011 The finished product. Im quite pleased with it! This is an interesting project resulting in a stylin quilt, all done in a few hours time. Ellen   Thanks Ellen for being such a great sport. It was helpful hearing all your feed back. Much appreciation. PS Edit. They are now available!

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