Smoking Lily Gift Ideas

So your neighbour, who you like, and have agreed with that you will not be exchanging gifts, dropped off "just a little something, nothing really" AND your coworker who doesn't even celebrate Christmas left a little parcel on your desk. So sweet, but mildly troublesome.You're beginning to think Aunty Gladys may have been on to something with her little box of hostess gifts in the pantry. "You know dear, it just saves time and stress, particularly when you'd rather be lounging next to the fire than running about shopping." Ok Aunty Gladys! You were right. Here's what I'm thinking I'll put aside for those sneaky gift giving gals. Canvas Zip Wallets:Everyone can use a cute pouch to transport or store little things in. I'll write a holiday greeting inside, foldit up and tuck in a sprig ofgreenery. Done! Canvas-Zip-with-Sprig Wall Vases: Cute and practical.These printed leather wall vases are so light they need only a pin to hold them up. Easy gift for anyone! Wall-Vase-with-Cedar Calendar Tea Towels:Because calendar tea towels! Calendar-Tea-Towel-3 They can be wrapped flat in one of our fun printed bags. Easy! Tea Towel Wrapped Take that you zealous bequeathersof holiday cheer! Tee hee...I'm feeling better already. glenda.

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