Smoking Lily Fabric Kits: Projects

We often have "Fabric Kits" for sale, bags of goodness that include assorted fabrics and notions, some silk-screened, some not. The bags usually vary from $10 to $15 each, depending upon how stuffed they are. Recently, Lisa, a customer who has obviously purchased quite a few scrap bags, forwarded photos of items she has made using the scraps. They are pretty impressive. Here are her descriptions of her creations: "This was your canvas zipper pouch that I sewed on front of a reconstructed inside out logwood dyed purse." "I also made a quilt years ago consisting of all fabrics from scrap bags, it was a wedding gift for my brother in law." "They just had baby girl and I made them another quilt. This time I just used a couple of the same fabrics used in the big one and a smoking lily patch so they all compliment each other."   Lisa concluded with "Thanks for inspiring me." Wow, you are most welcome Lisa! Fantastic projects! Thank you so much for sharing. glenda.

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