Shoe buying freeze

Smoking Lily on Main Street in Vancouver is located right next door to Umeboshi, an incredibly awesome shoe store. Due to my weak will power where shoes are concerned, I have a nice collection of boots (my main weakness as they go so well with tights and the Hester Skirts that I live in) and shoes. In September I declared a "shoe buying freeze" for one year for myself. I do have to admit that I qualified that with "new shoes" as I felt a couple pair of second-hand shoes whould be acceptable.

To my amazement, I have done very well so far, until the L.A. trip that is. I bought 2 pairs of shoes - eeek. My excuses, one pair was only $38 brand new (basically second-hand price), the other pair was on such deep discount and were so beautiful I couldn't resist (ok, I could have, but I didn't). So when I tried on the shoes in the photos below I decided that my new tactic would be to photograph my feet in the shoes I wanted and leave them behind. I get some of the shopping thrill and none of the guilt. We'll see how well this works...

These beauties are patent leather and tweed!

The white ones were fine woven jute, so pretty, and so high! I have to admit to being a little more sad about leaving these behind in West Hollywood. The black cotton espadrilles are the $38 pair I brought home.

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