Second Hand Sights

Trish and I were just in Seattle, on the hunt for some new products for the shops. We did find a number of fun items and are happily reviewing some Seattle based artists' works. While there we dropped into the Salvation Army thrift shop and came across a few interesting finds amongst the legions of crazy sweaters and weird Halloween accoutrements. I was obviously coming down with come kind of flu as I photographed, rather than purchased, a few of the items. Yes, it's true, I messed up. Now none of you will be privy to view them in person. For instance, a cut glass tape dispenser?! Two intriguing books. I wonder if the author's name is one of the entries in the first book. And some spring inspiration...well that's really for us to work with, you will see the results in spring. It still makes me laugh that I thought the pieces were funny enough to photograph but didn't think to buy them to have in the shop. Slow on the uptake that day for sure! I'll be more diligent for you all in the future. The next time I spot something that makes me laugh (like a sterling silver telephone dialer) I'll give more thought as to whether you'd like it too! glenda.

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