Saikou Pullover

Trish has been testing this new pullover vest out for you, she's been wearing it for days, like three days in a row this week. She's dedicaded to your satisfaction, andwell, she's just in love with the darn thing. Saikou Vest Soft cotton French terry, her favourite boxy fit, a cozy collar... Saikou Vest Pockets (she's big on pockets this season)... Saikou Vest AND Cats by LizardBreath. Quite the combination. Perhaps that's why she has named it Saikou, which means best or supreme. Added bonus? Saikou is pronounced "psycho." Bobbi Sue paired the vest with fine corduroys and boots in a fun colour combination. Trish has been trying out the vest with different types of jeans, narrow leg, wide legshe's really working hard for you! We'll let you know how it goes with her weekend wardrobe--tee hee. Cats! glenda.

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