Raindrops for Sale

We are working on a new window display in Vancouver. Inspired by Frida Kahlo (as are many things in our Spring collection) the display currently includes black, birdcages and fresh flowers. It will be interesting to see how it develops (says the gal designing it, who has only a broad vision at this point). Thus, our current window display of gorgeous raindrops, lovingly hand cut and sewn by our fabulous shop clerks and seamstresses in Victoria, must find a new home. Yes, they are up for sale!! We've had loads of inquiries about these beauties so here's the final word: $10 per lovely long strand, or $70 for one cloud plus 10 strands, or $150 for the whole shebang (3 clouds and 34 strands).     The small grouping at the back of the shop is only $40 for 2 clouds and 16 sweet short strands. You can give us a call at 604.873.5459 or send an email to vancouver@smokinglily.com or run into the store at 3634 Main Street to talk to us in person. Looking forward to hearing where these pretty eye-catchers become new installations. glenda.

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