Purveyors of Lily: Fol Epi and Phillips

Hey folks. As you may know, we do some designing for other businesses and some of them have those products available for sale. A fresh batch of Fol Epi aprons and Phillips Growler bags have just been delivered to the Victoria based bakery and brewery respectively. The Fol Epi aprons are made of durable blue denim with leather-reinforced grommets for securing the neck tie. Very comfortable, practical and sylish.. for women and men. PhillipsGrowler bags are available in two styles, back pack and tote bag, to transport your favourite brew.Not only are they stylish and carry up to two growlers, but there's a padded divider inside to keep the bottles from clinking together (we do try to think of everything). What, you might ask, is a growler? It's just the best thing to happen to local beer drinking since Victoria became a microbrew mecca. If you go into the Phillips brewery on Government Street, you can buy a half gallon glass jug for $5, then fill it from their any of their taps for the low low price of $10. I highly recommend the Chocolate Porter. Seriously, you'll thank me. When you've done enjoying your frosty brew, you can bring the growler back in for a refill. How civilised. [caption id="attachment_11783" align="aligncenter" caption="Like one pea in a pod and the other pea hangin' outside the pod, seeing and being seen."][/caption] later, morgan p.s. Check out these amazing ceramic growlers from thePortland Growler Company.

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