Pre-Solstice Pot Luck!

The studio was full of the scents of amazing food and the sounds of much laughter during lunch today. Thanks to Suzanne for the idea of a pot luck! The spread was beyond yummy, with lentil soup, roast veggies and quinoa, grilled sandwiches, greek salad, and bread with dip. Dessert was homemade fudge from yesterday, maple syrup pie (madness!), delish muffins, Xmas candies, and mandarin oranges. Thanks to all who brought this food to the table! May you all have many feasts with friends and loved ones this season. [caption id="attachment_11765" align="aligncenter" caption="I may have eaten my own body weight in fudge. And I'm a tall man. "][/caption] [caption id="attachment_11767" align="aligncenter" caption="Gifts of Apple Rosehip Sauce, Carrot Cake Jam, and Pickled Delights, jealously guarded by a tiger."][/caption] later, morgan

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