Our VIP Party Winner & Love for the Petite Anglais Skirt

I am one very excited Lily Lady today! Not only did we finally come out with our Spring Petite Anglais Skirt (how adorable is this new ship print!?) but I get to announce our contest winner today for the VIP party on Friday.

I must say we have all enjoyed reading the amazing comments here at the studio over the past few weeks. Your posts were all so creative, personal and just so positive!! Choosing one Lily Lady was a very difficult task...

Of all the comments posted, there is a place in my heart for Susanna! Susanna won't be able to attend our Garage Sale because of her Dad's 90th birthday party and would have had to come all the way from Vancouver to be here... she actually popped into the Victoria shop when she was in town a few weeks ago and I must say I fell in love with this awesome teacher! Picking up one of our Port Dresses and chatting with me about her love for Lily I'm happy to invite her to our private party on Friday night!!

Suzanna, I don't actually have your contact information so please send us an email at sales@smokinglily.com so that we can confirm your attendance.

Thanks again to all of you for your awesome posts... we better see all of you on Saturday shopping your little hearts out at the Charity Garage Sale... bye for now, Tee xo

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