Newfolk & Cabin

One of the things I love most about working in the stores is that people come and visit us when they are celebrating the people they love. This is most obvious when someone comes in and spends hours pouring over our cards, looking for the perfect sentiment for a friend. I hear constantly that we have some of the most unique cards in town, and it's not unusual for someone to stop in their tracks, giggle, and then buy a card to give for some celebration that's months away. 

Now in our stores is Newfolk & Cabin, a card company from Victoria! The designer and maker, Erin, used to work for us as well. Maybe you remember her from years gone by at Smoking Lily? Well now she's making cards out of her artwork, and we couldn't be more charmed. Here are a few of our favourites.



Something I love about her work is her use of French. Maybe it's the Québec in me, but the little whimsical writings make the cards so funny and lovely. They feel like the perfect snippets and sayings of someone's second language, the sort that only comes out when you're angry, in awe, or surprised. Merci for your cards, Erin. Ils sont vraiment beaux.


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