New Wool Vest: Naming Contest

Trish was admiring all of the slouchy sweaters out this fall and kept hoping that she would find something a little more tailored. Fortunately, she has a studio full of fabric and a team of sewers, so she went ahead and designed the dream garment herself. Hence, "the vest" was born.     This item is a vest, it's true, but with its fabulous 100% wool fabric, leather tie and versatile looks we think that it deserves a more catchy, evocative name. We think you probably feel the same, so...we are asking YOU to name it. Include your name suggestions in the comments section for this blog post and you will have the chance to win a Wool Vest for yourself, if we choose your name as the winning descriptor. Contest closes Friday November 9th, the winner of a vest, will be announced, Monday November 12th. Let the brainstorming begin!! glenda.

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