New Fall Stock: Isabella Wallet

This cute, practical, fun wrist wallet is made from leather that was saved from destruction, by Erin's mom. Cathy was cleaning up her classroom at the end of her teaching year when she noticed a pile of leather slated for the garbage! Fortunately for us, Cathy is sharp, thrifty and generous. She rescued the lovely leather and passed it on to us, knowing that we would find some use for it. Did we ever! We paired it with cream and black canvases and sturdy zippers to create the Isabella Wallet. Thanks Cathy! Our new Snake print went into use here as a background print, coupled with the Apple Blossoms it's softly creepy. This bag employs some sturdy rusty brown leather. Trouty Fish and Keys with deep red toned leather. Repeating Chairs and Targets on black canvas. Deep brown leather and cream canvas with Rhinoceros Beetle and Laurel Wreath The Isabella Wallets are fully lined with Japanese cotton and are $42. glenda.

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