New Bonspiel Purse and Wallets!

We received a new shipment of Bonspiel wallets and bags! It includedsome old favourites: the coin purse, the smallzip wallets, the hip sacks, and the phone cases. Here is a new print on thephone case (18cm x 10cm, $30), Shark with Hearts! Bonspiel - Phone Case The lining in this phonecase is pink! Bonspiel - Phone Case Then there are the newproducts!The Mini Satchel ($98) is a great day or evening purse. It will hold your essentials, can be worn onthe shoulder, and can be converted to an over-the-shoulder purse for those dayswhen bike riding or dancing arein the cards. Bonspiel - Mini Satchel Bonspiel - Mini Satchel There are now two divided wallets available! The first is the Lady Wallet (21cm x 10cm,$80), a fold-over wallet with magnetic snap closure, room for cards, cash and a pen. Bonspiel - Lady Wallet Bonspiel - Lady Wallet The second organizing assistant is azip-around wallet. It has all the room, compartmentsand tidy closure you need (18cm x 10cm, $80). Bonspiel - zip around wallet Bonspiel - zip around wallet All wallets and purses come in a variety of leathers, prints and/or treatments (silkscreen, stitching, appliqué). Bonspiel - zip around wallet Bonspiel! Super fun, durable, and handcrafted in Victoria. Available atthe Milkman's Daughter in Victoria and our Main Street shop in Vancouver. I havehad my eye on the serious cat, but that shark! Decisionsdecisions... glenda.

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