National Canoe Day!

I can't believe that, living on the river with fishermen and boating neighbours, I didn't know about Canoe Day in Canada. It's today! A beautiful, sunny day on the west coast, perfect for some paddling. I bought a small canoe as soon as I moved to Finn Slough. Boating right from the deck was one of the big selling features for moving out of my well loved neighbourhood of Mount Pleasant. The little, super tippy, canoe has been well used. Aside from falling in a few times it has been great, but when a neighbour was thinking of moving and putting his big canoe up for sale I called dibs immediately. My hand shot up as he mentioned at a community party. I think I was as shocked as everyone else how quickly I claimed to the purchase (thanks innate reflexes!). The big canoe is pretty hilarious. It is decked out with two drink holders at each seat, and a cooler under the center seat. It quickly became dubbed the "booze cruiser" (I think I need to christen it something else). The extra added super bonus was an electric motor! I still giggle every time I use it. So much fun. Being out on the water is always a joy, but cruising silently along while holding a glass of bubbly is pretty dreamy. Here are a few shots of the canoe in action a few nights ago. Canoe at Finn Slough Canoe on the Fraser River Canoe on the Fraser River Canoe at Finn Slough For National Canoe Day I will take out my little canoe and paddles. I'll get some exercise, fresh air, and feel in sync with all of the other Canadians who are plying sloughs, creeks, rivers, lakes and oceans today. Cheers! glenda. Save

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