Name the New Skirt: Lily Giveaway!

It's been ages since we've been stumped on a name for one of our garments. You may recall the Garden State Dress was named using a contest - the person whose name suggestion was chosen received a dress. Well, we are at it again. We've decided to let you choose the name for this lovely new cotton/linen blend skirt. It has an exaggerated aline, 2 big patch pockets, nice wide waistband, back zip and ever-changing stellar prints. Help us choose a stellar name and you could win a skirt!! The first run of mystery skirts are in all of our shops right now. They are available in Mustard (with Apple Blossoms or Raindrops) and Grey (with Aida Cloth and Big Fly) - $76.     We will keep the contest open until 6:00pm Monday February 6th. Please submit your fabulous name suggestions in the comments section for this blog post. Just click on "Comments" next to the date at the top of this page. Thanks for your help! and Good Luck! glenda.  

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