Mother's Day Gift Idea: Tea Cozy

We have been making tea cozies for...ages. Tea cozies are one of those things that not many people buy for themselves, but happily discover their incredible usefulness when they receive them as gifts. We think your mom would love to receive a cool, practical, tea ritual accessory as a gift. They really do keep tea warm for hours, which is perfect for people (like me) who make a delicious pot of tea but keep putting their teacup down and forgetting about it for problem! There is always hot tea at the ready. Tea Cozy The avocado is the newest colour available! Pretty sweet with the Hummingbird and Fuchsias. The cozies are printed with a vast array of Lily prints, including Narwhales and Compass, Bees and Peonies, Bottles, Garry Oak Trees, Periodic Tables... Smoking Lily Tea Cozies And for those moms who are more coffee aficionados than tea sippers, we also have cozies for French Press coffee pots. Nice for enjoying the second cup of the day piping hot. Bodum Cozy Bodum Cozy - Brown with Periodic Table   Bodum Cozy - Grey with Map, Swerns and Waves Made from cotton canvas and a super thin insulating layer, these cozies are really practical. The Lily silkscreens beg to be on show, rather than tucked in a drawer, so we added agrommet and leather tie, making themready to be out on display. Tea Cozy or French Press Cozy, $49. Cheers, to your hot beverage of choice, glenda.

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