More Sweaters!

Cardigans my favouritelayering piece. For my wardrobe (90% Lily and vintage) they are acute, classic, feminine accessory that is completely practical. This fall we created a cropped wool cardigan! The Millie Cardigan. It is the perfect length to go with natural waist accentuating dresses (Kapow! Belmont!) and skirts (Tattersal!). Millie-Cardigan-Red-Front-Close Today I'm wearing my black Millie with a very high waisted skirt that I've tucked a Hama Hama into. The Millie is cropped somy waist isn't lost (andI become an amorphous blob - ha!). And it's not so short that it's just shoulder warmer. It's substantial and super flattering, with the added bonus of not hanging below your jacket. Yesterday morning, when I was chilly andpulled on an extra layer of a wool blazer, the Millie fit perfectly within it! (Yes, I've been wearingthe Milliea lot!) We also made a great pullover version of this sweater. The Eloise Pullover. Eloise Pullover - Black The other day, Bobbi Sue was wearing her Eloise over a cotton button-up shirt, with the Hester skirt, tights and clogs - super cute! The Millie and Eloiseare available in red, black, blue (a few m/lg only) and oatmeal. They are sized small/medium and medium large. Happy Monday! glenda.

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