Monday Housekeeping

Once again I'm cleaning up my in box and thought I would share some notes from customers. First off a note from one of our regular on line shoppers, Diane from Ottawa. She just bought the new button skirt and the Toddy Tunic, she wrote to tell us "Got my toddy tunic which I absolutely love! Goes great with and without my Obi! It's really really great." Thanks Diane, I love wearing mine over jeans and a long sleeve tee.

Next we got a photo from a customer in web world of her daughter Sophia in a little girl's Lily dress. So sweet. She got the dress this summer while vacationing in Victoria and get's lots of compliments! Thanks Sheri, we love getting photos of people wearing the goods.

Carolyn emailed letting us know she loves Smoking Lily clothing but finds it frustrating that we don't make her favourites in extra large. Here is my response to her, I thought more people out there would be interested. "Basically it is impossible to make clothing that fits every body size. In general we make small, medium and large sizes in anything new we design, then we wait. If we get a few serious requests for extra large or extra small we will draft a new size and put it in production. We just did that with the Oscillator to the delight of few of our customers. We are a small company with limited cash flow but we like to remain flexible. If you see something that you want in a larger size, just ask, we will seriously consider it."

Last week we printed some beautiful Belgium linen Caroline brought in for a head board she was making at home. She wrote to tell us the project is now complete and it was a great success. I really want to see how it turned out.

Have a great week!!

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