Monday DIY: Refurbishing Christmas Tins

I love vintage tins and own a couple, but they are getting harder and harder to find. They're great for keeping all of my sewing notions and bits and bobs in. Inevitably I receive many Christmas tins--originally housing chocolates or other goodies--but they are not very decor friendly the rest of the year. So this year I decided to give all my holiday tins a little refurbishing. All you need is some fine grit sandpaper, painter's tape, and some paint.

I went with things I already had around the house: some leftover outdoor paint and a fantastic neon pink spray paint. First, tape off anything you don't want painted. I recommend using the local Times Colonist for protection from over-spray (I love reading the Victoria Times Colonist every morning with my tea). Lightly sand any surface you plan to paint, as it will help the new paint grip. Nobody likes paintflaking off their new projects; early prep work is always worth it for the final result.

I recommend using a spray primer for the first coat. It helps the paint to bond and will prevent the old design from showing through. When that dries, apply the base colour in even, steady coats. I used white because that's what I had.

When the base layer is dry, tape off whatever design you want on your tin. You could cut a stencil out of paper and lay that over instead.

Carefully take the tape off before it dries, as it can pull off the dried paint and then you won't have your clean edges. Here is my final project shown with one of Smoking Lily's velvet wallets. I plan to keep my pencils, pens and drawing implements in my tin at work.

~ Love Rose

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