Mochi Candy

I had some Japanese visitors over for dinner the other night. It was a huge West Coast crustacean fest - live lobsters and crabs (sashimi and cooked) and loads of raw oysters - so much fun.

After dinner I was presented with a hostess gift. Japanese candy. It was very interesting, requiring a lesson in how to open, construct and eat the cute parcel before me. Mochi is a strange and intriguing food - glutinous in the extreme, a challenging dessert - but with sweetened dry rice powder and "maple syrup" on top it is tasty.

Here are some shot's of the Mochi Candy I brought in to the shop for Erin to try. She wasn't convinced of it's appeal upon the first bite (as the photos shows), but she did eat it all, and declared that it had a "good after taste!". We had a lot of giggles (as did the customers we were assisting during the process).

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