Marvelous Movember!

As November starts winding to a close (eek!), I thought I'd throw some shameless promotion out there for my fabulous brother-in-law, Steve (pictured above carving last year's Christmas turkey in a Smoking Lily tee), and his 'stache-a-riffic Movember efforts. If you're looking to donate a little something for prostate cancer research but don't personally know anyone growing a "flavour saver" this Movember, please feel free to reward Steve for the rather, um, unappetizing cowboy-style monstrosity he's been cultivating. Follow this link to donate through Steve (or anyone else participating in the Movember Canada fundraiser). There are some pretty hilarious photos posted under the general "MoCommunity" header that are also definitely worth checking out. And if you know anyone who's taking part, post links to their fundraising pages in the comments section! Down with prostate cancer! Up with ill-advised facial hair! Erin

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