Mars and Mohawks

I woke up this morning thinking about the Mars landing on Monday. I had not seen any photos yet so, the first thing I checked out when I opened my computer (before my addictive design blogs even) was news on the landing. I was astonished to find the article below to be the first story listed in my search. What?! Maybe my lack of a television has me out of the loop on this one? Perhaps after viewing loads of stories showing the same few shots, of the rather barren surface of Mars, a haircut in the limelight was a nice diversion? Bewildered and heading back to search for more substance... glenda.   Mars landing makes star of rocket scientist
bymacleans.caon Wednesday, August 8, 2012 11:13am -4 Comments
Activity lead Bobak Ferdowsi cuts his hair differently for each mission. Brian van der Brug/AP photo
NASA has landed a rover on Mars, and we have a man with a mohawk to thank for the ingenuity. The Curiosity rover touched downon Mars during the weekend after an eight-month flight in space. NASAs flight director Bobak Ferdowsi helped guide the small car-sized device from space to the surface of the red planet. Ferdowsi is an engineering genius. He also has a sweetmohawk. Now he is an internet meme andhopes he will inspireother cool young cats to get into science. Ferdowsi has worked on the Curiosity mission for nearly nine years. He changes his hairstyle for every major NASA mission. Its a fun way to celebrate the various things and this time it was the red-white-and-blue thing, which the team voted on, he said. I hope I remind people that it takes all types to make these kinds of things to happen, he said. Im just one of those types that helped make this mission a success. Today the rover shared its first colourpictureand NASA is celebrating with blow-by-blowcoverage. Meanwhile, the Curiosity rover (@MarsCuriosity) now has more than 840,000 Twitter followers, and it has miraculously acquired a wittyfirst-person voice.  

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