...The studio was bustling with excitement during Monday's screen printing workshop as students prepared their artwork and screens for the next step of the screen building process: burning the artwork/images onto the screen. Finally! I think many of us could hardly wait to solve the mystery...Well, I'm pleased to report that we got to the bottom of it. As it turns out, it's a fairly simple process requiring just a little practice with timing and lighting. Like magic, our artwork popped up on our screens. Neat!

So, now the part we've really all been waiting for: Printing. After getting a few pointers and a review on the right technique, a few of the students got to work right away. Impressive! It was pretty interesting to see all the artwork too, including photographs, and how it turned out as a print on fabric. So, the next and final class, we get to sharpen our printing skills and get productive with some of our individual projects.

Stay tuned for the highlights of our last class and a collage of our silk screen creations!

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