Lily's 10th Anniversary in Vancouver!

As of today, Smoking Lily has had a brick and mortar presence (make that a faux brick and lath and plaster presence)in Vancouver for 10 years! I have a hard time believing that it has been so long, but it's true. When we first scouted locations for a shop in Vancouver Main Street quickly became the number one choice. We were lucky to find and get possession of a great little (150 square feet) retail space within two months of making the big decision -- Trish was going to open a second shop and I was going to move to Vancouver to get it rolling. I was happy to commit to Lily for two years to get the shop up and running and growing. Two years, ha! I'm still happy to be a part of Smoking Lily 10 years later. That's what happens when you love your job I guess --awesome workmates, fabulous customers, great products, cool neighbours - why would I want to be anywhere else? We are still pleased that we set roots and have grown (to a massive 400 square feet) in the Main Street neighbourhood and find ourselves looking forward to many more years here. Here are a few photos from years past: Fish Bag (2002).
Premier of the Cape of Good Hope (2003).
One of my favourite skirts of all time, the Utility Skirt (2004).
How cute is Trish in the Tulip Top (2005)?
Diana (who started modelling for us in 2003! Thanks ever so much, Miss Di!) and Stephanie (one of the many awesome sales staff we've been fortunate to have had) in the Perfect Vee Top (2006).
The Woolen Overthing (2007). I still love mine (both of them!).
Patrick, goofing around at the back of our faux brick clad building (2008).
Margaret's tattoos in our Market Dress (2009). Margaret continues to be our fabulous Sunday shop gal and supermodel.
A particularly snowy day in 2010.
Miss Erin in the Bolero Jacket and Galloping Goose Skirt (2010). How would we ever have done without Erin over the last 4+ years? Thankfully, I don't have to ponder the horror.
Diana and Margaret acting kooky in our Garden State dresses (2011).
Diana, four days ago, in our fall 2012 Orchard Dress.
Thank you, everyone, for all of your support, encouragement and friendship over the last ten years!
Smoking Lily loves you!

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