Lily Studio Update: New Blood

This is a quietly momentous week in the Victoria studio. After its many years in business, Smoking Lily has hired...a boy! Allow me to introduce myself: Morgan here, first time caller but long time listener to the Smoking Lily paradigm.

morgan "dangerboy" Since I first came to Victoria for a biology degree many years ago, Smoking Lily has been on my radar as one of Victorias truly unique businesses. Ive always loved the aesthetic that they have shared with Victoria, partly due to my lifelong fascination with natural history illustrations and partly because I love good work done well. Ive spent most of my professional life as a self-taught graphic designer, single-handedly bringing design to the people under the guise of dangerboy (plug plug). In that role, Smoking Lily and I actually crossed paths around four years ago. I was involved in an art show where five contributors were given one work by a fellow artist and allowed to do whatever they wanted to it. Trish was given a poster of mine and turned it into a beautiful foot stool. Thought lost to the years, she was delighted to learn that it lives safe and sound as a cherished part of my home. [caption id="attachment_10193" align="aligncenter" caption="Can you spot where the stool pattern is in the poster?"]The Rapture Footstool[/caption] Ive loved being dangerboy, but lately its been a little lonely in the self-employed freelance realm and I wanted to be part of something bigger. Smoking Lily popped into my head immediately. How could a company that produces such unique beauty not be a great place to work? Well, one CV and charming cover letter later and here I am. My role in the Victoria studio will be as varied as I could have hoped: part silkscreen slave, part techno-whiz, part graphic designer, occasional photographer and a handy source of height and upper body strength. I will be Smoking Lilys boy-Friday. And if, perchance, I can inspire some more male-centric products to grace the shelves, well...diversity is a good thing. I mean, I love the jellyfish t-shirt that my husband bought me as a courtship present almost eight years ago, but I would love, say, a neck-tie (hint hint). I look forward to my time here, growing in skill and style and contributing to something beautiful. You will definitely see more of me here too, as I will be wearing the blog and Facebook contributor hat to boot. TTFN, morgan

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