Lily Spotlight: Conquistador Bolero

I have always secretly felt that bolero jackets are one of those pieces that really separate the fashion wheat from the chaff: they're "outside the box" enough to throw a lot of people off, yet look amazingly sharp on. "But, with the cropped length and short sleeves, what would I wear them with?" you might which I reply, "Ha! What wouldn't you wear them with!"

Though I really loved the lighter, 70s-style denim of the Conquistadors we had in earlier this summer--which looked fantastic with tank tops, sleeveless dresses, and tee shirts--the new, darker denim ones we have in now are really, really awesome. I'm rocking one here with a tank, skirt, boots and tights, but love the way they look layered over snug-fitting, long-sleeved tees like our 3/4 length boatneck shirts (here is a very sassy picture of Margaret with just that outfit on!).

So be brave and experiment with difference--others will marvel at your effortless chic-ness and how you stand out in a crowd!

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