Lily Retrospective: Part 6

For the final installation of our sentimental recollections of Lily's past, I thought I would offer up a few facts: a "did you know" kind of conversation about some trivial points. Meaningless for most of the world perhaps, but around here, these are the types of details and situations we revel in talking about all day. 2012: The Vintage Dress This dress was almost the death of our pattern drafter, sewers, printers and even our fearless leader, Trish, at one point or another throughout the design process. Twice we thought it would get totally abandoned in an imcomplete state, but, somehow, the studio geniuses managed to persevere and bring us the Vintage Dress. It's hard to imagine how much work goes into even a basic garment like a t-shirt, so when extra obstacles are encountered on more elaborate items, the journey can become an extremely complex one. Sometimes I feel that drumroll and applause soundtracks should come with our weekly shipments! We were super impressed when we peeled back the lid of the bin and the Vintage Dress was finally revealed in the shops. As you can see, Christina did a little dance when she tried it on! 2012: Loop Scarf This particular Loop Scarf is printed with Prime Numbers. Trish finds inspiration for Smoking Lily prints from pretty much everywhere; this time it was reading Douglas Coupland's novel JPod. In the midst of the text the author planted pages of ascending prime numbers. It was both disconcerting and intriguing all at once--perfect inspiration for a print! 2013: Mr. Jones Top This was our first attempt at a one size tee, and I have to say it was perfect fit--literally and figuratively. Women from size 2 to 16 have found a happy spot for Mr. Jones in their wardrobe. The top worked really well with a number of our skirts and pants (still does!) and looks great fully adorned with an ever-changing array of silk-screens. 2013: FA Skirt Silk-screening is our thing. We love to adorn feminine pieces with a wide variety of images to sooth, to provoke, and/or to entertain. The problem with some fabrics, like denim, is, they lose too much colour with each washing to hold silk-screening ink permanently, so we created a solution. On this denim skirt we printed the back of the fabric and then stitched over the print. You get all the fun of having our prints on your skirt without it fading away. p.s. This skirt was named the FA by Trish. She thought the skirt wasahemreally awesome and used an acronym to keep things PG. tee hee Well, that was fun! I really enjoyed a little look back through the Smoking Lily history. I hope you did too! Word from the studio is that Fall 2014 is really exciting--coming to shops near you sometime in August. Cheers to the next wave of Smoking Lily designs!Woo hoo! glenda.

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