Lily Restrospective: Part 2

Have you recovered from Friday's wee twinges of pain brought on by being shown photos of actual Lily garments that you can't have access too? I'm not certain that I have yet, but I'm going to haul out a few more this week anyway, a few more each day actually. Here we go... 2003: The P. Clifford Suit This fitted wool blend suit was named after Trish's first pet, a cow. Yup, P. Clifford the cow. What did the "P" stand for Trish? I don't recall. 2003: The Cape of Good Hope. Yes, this is the same fabulous, versatile cape that we still make today! Wool exterior + cotton satin lining = a super stylish rectangle. Alex, the model, was one of our silk-screener extraodinaires for years. We're so happy she was up for hopping out of the studio and onto the roof for modelling too; she made our clothes look great. 2004: The Vining Sweater I think all of the Vancouver staff had at least one of these, and wore them until they were threadbare. 2005: The Camouflage Coat I have been wearing this coat every fall for the last nine years! It had a big hood, great pockets that you could access from the outside or inside, and a two way zipper which made it great for biking. 2005: The Holster This creation was a great conversation piece! I wore mine to a couple of parties to hold beer. Try to be a wallflower while wearing a beer holster - impossible! The gold skirt that Trish is wearing is one of the Silk Slit skirts that were a staple item in a few of our collections in the early days. 2005: The Vertigo Skirt Great shape with a flirty hemline and two blue-toned wool blends accentuated with contrasting stitching. That print on the boatneck tee is pretty fun and bold too! The red purse is one of only a few Cameo bags we made that fall. Diana (above) was a regular customer who morphed into being our lead model for 10 years! Thanks for all the laughs and memories Di! We'll look forward to chatting without a camera between us on future visits. glenda.

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