Lily of the Ages: My Sakamoto

While I was drinking coffee this morning I was thinking about what to put on today's blog about 'vintage' Lily. I came up with a brilliant idea to show you the very first skirt we produced. On my way down to the basement to haul it out of my "clothes that I love and really hope a) they come back in style or b) one day it will fit me again" box, I got sucked into watching the Tour de France. It was pretty exciting finish today and local boy Ryder Hesjedal came in forth. Anyways long story short, time was a ticking and I never got to the box. I quickly changed into my favourite skirt, the Sakamoto. This is my stand by skirt for when I'm either in a rush or when I go to an outdoor concert. This skirt has seen Flaming Lips, the National, Modest Mouse, Flight of the Concords and a lot more. Many of these I've seen with Glenda whose concert skirt is the Utility skirt. I'm sure I have a photo some where of both of us in our full concert gear, I'll post it as soon as I come across it. Plus I'll pull the old skirt out and show you next time it is my turn to show you something from our past.

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