Lily of the Ages: Camouflage Jacket

I was looking through my closets for some old Lily garment to post, when I came across my Camouflage Jacket. I have worn, and loved, this jacket for 5 years. Every Fall it gets pulled out and gets chosen over my other jackets regularly. It has loads of extra features, like a detachable hood, and secret slits to get into your jeans pockets. It looks awesome with my camouflage Utility Skirt - coolest skirt suit ever!

Trish looks like she's unsure about something, but it can't be about the awesome jacket.

Maybe she's unsure about the future of "Lily of the Ages"?

As I was digging through a physical history of Smoking Lily in my closets, I thought "Is it a good idea to post this on our weblog?". It will only insight zillions of questions about when we are bringing it back, or why we are torturing you with things you can't have (judging by the number of questions, there are lots of you reading the blog - yay!).

So I think, to be kind, this will be our last "Lily of the Ages" post. As we prefer to keep anxiety levels low with our lovely customers, we will keep our cherished "vintage" Lily to ourselves.

We'll come up with a new post theme - one to insight excitement and interest, rather than frustration.

Ok, deep breath.... phewf!

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