Lily Inspiration: Wild Mushroom Foraging

This is my third mushroom picking adventure and my first at posting a Smoking Lily blog, both are quite exciting.

It was a beautiful fall day, the forest had incredible scents from earlier rain.

This mushroom was so vibrant red against a frame of green moss, I felt like I was in a fairytale. Too bad the mushroom wasn't edible.

Here is Jamie in the woods, looking for wild chanterelles.

We picked way more then what's in this bag, some went into mushroom risotto and the rest went to the restaurant (Relish) so if you've had lunch there and ate chanterelles, think of Jamie and I (Jana) having a lovely time at Shawnigan Lake. Share in our fun! Here's the recipe for Mushroom Risotto: Saute bite sized pieces of mushrooms with a large knob of butter, you can add any variety's that you love. Remove mushrooms when 3/4 finished and set aside in a bowl. Then put olive oil and butter in the same pot, with diced celery, carrot and onion until translucent and then add carnaroli/arborio rice and saute until coated. Then add your seasoned hot stock slowly allowing the rice to absorb before continuing with more stock. Usually around 15-25 minute until the rice has the texture you want. Then add cubes of butter, lots of parmigiano and your mushrooms. Fresh herbs are a nice garnish and for flavor.

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