Lily Inspiration: The 70s

I don't know what's gotten into me lately, but I am seeing the 70's everywhere. Am I crazy? Do you guys see it, too? (I know Jo-Anne was last week.) In no particular order, I present a smattering of evidence!

Exhibit A: Music! The 70's-tastic style featured in this video for a single off the new Black Mountain album, Wilderness Heart, is perhaps outdone only by Kevin Barnes channeling David Bowie in this Pitchfork TV concoction.

Exhibit B: The colour brown. With its muted, "earthy" vibe, brown was definitely the old black. Personally, I am a big fan of the colour brown--it goes so well with so many other hues and, with its richer tone, is a softer alternative to black. The funny thing is that, while we never used to have brown in the shop (I even had a fabric wholesale guy once tell me in passing that Trish hated the colour), it's been creeping into the store bit by bit over the past year or so and now we have tons of it. Look out, Trish--the 70s strike again!

Exhibit C: My ridiculous 70's grandma sunglasses. Purchased a year ago for $9.99 from a rather crazy-looking vendor on Venice Beach because they were funny, I am now actually getting legitimate--and frequent!--compliments on them. I even really like them at this point--weird!

Thus, after this exhaustive exploration of the current 70's invasion, I rest my case. And, really, why not join in the 70's-inspired fun; at least it's not the 80's again, right?!!

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