Lily Inspiration: Rennie Gallery

My second visit to the Rennie Gallery, here in Vancouver, was a much different experience than the first. The first show I saw was the Martin Creed exhibit--a very colourful, loud, active exhibit that filled the entire gallery. The current exhibit is of Andrew Grassie's paintings. No less interesting, but a very quiet atmosphere with only a few pieces exhibited. How spare and serene? How incredibly detailed and fascinating? Sharing space to view a small work of art in a colossal room. Overwhelmed by the functionality. Andrew Grassie's painting of the installation of the Martin Creed exhibit. The scale of it all was really interesting. The execution of the representations was mind boggling. Visits to the Rennie Gallery must be booked in advance, in group viewings with a docent. The contemporary art exhibits are all intriguing andthe building alone is worth the trip. Enjoy! glenda.

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